Lip Color in hard times

I'm not 100% sure why something as simple as lipstick can be such a strong morale booster, but did you know that during hard times (such as World War II), the beauty industry has remained a priority among cast amounts of women?

I personally don’t believe this is because women are incredibly vain. I believe it is likely due to the fact that there is something very grounding about beauty in general.

Have you ever experienced the serene pleasure of a beautiful sunset? Something inside of you relaxes, as you soak in every glorious color, doesn’t it? There’s nothing magical about the sunset. It is simply beautiful. And somehow, that changes us!

I believe that’s why something as simple as lip color can boost your morale, and help you feel confident. When you see something you think is beautiful (yes, even yourself!) something inside of you feels great!

And I think that is an incredibly helpful thing!

It is believed that ancient Sumerian women would use crushed gemstones to decorate their faces and lips, and they say that Cleopatra used crushed bugs to create a red lip stain. Things like mulberries, clay, beeswax, and even toxic substances extracted from insects have been used throughout history to color lips! (Bug juice?? It’s amazing what women have been willing to go through to get some color for their lips!)

Interestingly enough, many cultures, throughout history, have believed lipstick to be fit only for prostitutes and “loose women.” I’m glad we know better today. Today, more women are able to wear lipstick just because they like it, and that makes me happy!

And, boy oh boy, I’m so grateful I don’t have to wear toxic insect juice on my lips . . .

We have much better options these days! And by far my favorite is LipSense!

Wondering why?

  • LipSense lasts 4-18 hours on your lips.

  • LipSense doesn’t smear, or transfer to your lover’s face when you kiss.

  • LipSense is 95% natural (NON insect juice!) ingredients, mixed with about 5% science to make it last all day long! Similar to the amount of science required to turn milk into yogurt! I love that!

  • LipSense doesn’t end up on your teeth.

  • LipSense lasts FOREVER - about as long as 4 traditional lipstick tubes.

  • LipSense keeps your lips moisturized, healthy, & soft.

  • LipSense sales boost individual families’ income, instead of large retail store owners that you don’t even know! Hate on network marketing all you want, LipSense (and all SeneGence products) are only available through individual people's small businesses, for a reason.

  • LipSense shades are GORGEOUS!

Here’s the basic low-down of how LipSense actually works:

  • Natural Pigments are mixed with cosmetic-grade alcohol to make a liquid lip color.

  • When you apply your lip color, the cosmetic-grade alcohol evaporates, leaving behind the pigment, which bonds to your lips.

  • The color is topped with an ultra-moisturizing gloss with Shea butter and vitamin E, that seals in the color and keeps your lips healthy and hydrated!

  • Apply the gloss as often as your lips feel “thirsty”!

  • When you’re ready to take off your color, use the Ooops! Remover to coat your lips, let sit for 30 seconds, and wipe your lips with a warm, damp cloth. Repeat if necessary!

There are over 50 shades of LipSense, but here are some popular colors that I have in my stock right now!

If you need to try some of these gorgeous colors yourself, click here! New LipSense users will always need a Glossy Gloss, lip color of your choice, and an Ooops! Lip Color Remover! Have questions? Send me a DM on Instagram!

What are your favorite types of lip shades to wear? Do you often wear lip color? Why, or why not?


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