Does a beauty routine matter During Quarantine?

Feeling a little cooped up yet?

Not all of us are in self-quarantine, but many of us are, and many of us are restless!

Some of us are feeling fine, many of us are feeling anxious. Some of us are overwhelmed, many of us are bored!

Just because you might be at home (or everyone else around you is!) doesn’t mean you need to feel frumpy. You know the difference between relaxed and frumpy, right?

You can wear sweatpants, have no makeup on, and sport greasy hair and feel relaxed because you get a break!

Or, you can wear sweatpants, have no makeup on, and sport greasy hair and feel frumpy because you need a pick-me-up!

Well, I have some awesome ways for BOTH parties to feel incredibly cared for and beautiful during this season! Check them out, and tell me what your favorite ideas are in the comments!

For the RELAXED group:

You’re loving this time of sweatpants, and you don’t care two snits about wearing makeup! You feel great this way! But your skin definitely needs some nourishment right now, and some extra pampering for you is never a bad idea! Let’s take this relaxed feeling to a whole new level!

1. Break out the facial mask!

Even if you’re still very busy when you’re at home, you can slap some face mask on your skin and keep going about your business. In truth, it only takes a few seconds to do this. Slap it on, do some work, and rinse it off! *Easy!*

Face masks are incredibly beneficial for your skin, as they draw out impurities that are sitting in your skin. You know how when you vacuum, the cylinder fills up with lint, hair, and dirt? It’s like that. Gross, I know.

I adore the detoxifying & moisturizing mask from SeneGence because it DOES NOT CRACK. It stays soft while you wear it, and smells like a cucumber spa!

Want to try something even more fun than that? This Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask is awesome! Not to mention how many incredible properties it contains, to nourish your skin!

2. Clean your face!

Do you have a basic skin care routine? Or do you pretty much just let your skin do it’s own thing?

Your skin will treat you about as well as you treat it, so let’s give our skin some love, ladies!

The skin on your face is more delicate than the skin on other areas of your body, so ditch the idea of using your regular shower gel or hand soap to clean it! Use a gentle cleanser that’s designed specifically for your face.

Worried about blemishes? Oil? Dryness? These things matter when you’re choosing a good cleanser too! Different struggles need different solutions, so find the right skincare line for YOUR skin type! If you aren’t sure what your skin type is, you can take this super quick quiz here!

And after you cleanse, be sure to hydrate and moisturize! Yes, even for oily skin. Again, be sure to use the right type of ingredients for your skin!

For the FEELING FRUMPY group:

Yeah, I get it. This casual, stay-at-home routine is not feeling very great right now. Sometimes you just feel better when you look more “purposeful”!

My first advice to you? FORGET the idea that you might “waste” a good look on a “bad” day. Trust me, you’re not wasting anything!

1. Wear some extra mascara (& primer for a bonus!)

Those eyelashes can work wonders, can’t they?! So put it on! Use an eyelash curler for some extra drama, and wear 2-4 layers! Yep. Even if you’re at home, you can absolutely wear multiple layers. Enjoy yourself!

2. Put on some makeup ANYWAY!

Never mind if you’re stuck at home. If makeup feels great, you should wear it! If you’re pressed for time, fall back on your “Go-To” look! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here to see my tips for creating a Go-To for yourself!

Bonus Tip for EVERYONE:

Been nervous about trying a bold lip color? Well…. Not many people are looking now! It might be the perfect time for you to test one out!

Click here to see which LipSense colors are available now!

Do you have any other favorite ways to take care of your face when you're at home? Please share them in the comments!


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