Create A Go-To Routine

Updated: Feb 21

Do you have a Go-To look for busy days? Something you can pull out of your hat when you're running late for work, you have to run out unexpectedly, or you feel especially unmotivated but don't want to look like you just crawled out of bed?

I recommend everyone has a Go-To for these types of days! Exactly what yours looks like will depend on your style, but here are some basic elements you will want to consider!

1. An Outfit

Ask yourself, "what do I wear over and over, that makes me feel great?"

Something easy and comfortable, that you can grab with almost zero thought is a must!

This could be yoga pants and a cute hoodie. It could be a dress. My favorites are soft, stretchy jeans and a solid color top! (You'll see me in this over and over.)

Pick your version of "jeans and a black top" and make sure your closet is stocked with them! You want it to be easy to wear something that makes you feel great!

2. A Quick Hair Look

It takes me 2 minutes or less to straighten my hair, so that's my Go-To! It looks better than simply doing nothing, yet it is mindlessly easy.

Do you look great in a messy bun or ponytail? Great!

Just have something you can fall back on that still makes you feel put-together. Don't leave your hair completely alone. Even if all you do is give it a quick brush, do it! You'll thank yourself every time you look in the mirror!

No more shameful glances at those mirrors, OK?

3. A Simple Makeup Look

Makeup can take forever to put on, if you let it! But stop denying yourself the awesome feeling of a little makeup perk because you think you must do all or nothing!

A little splash of makeup in just the right places can make you feel incredible, and life just seems easier when we feel incredible, doesn't it? If feeling great because we look great is an illusion, it's a helpful one.

You can find those simple elements that give you exactly the boost you're hoping for, and you can get them done in only a couple of minutes!

Do you want your skin tone to be more even? Tinted Moisturizer is great for that!

Do you want to brighten your eyes? A little concealer and / or mascara!

Do you want a pop of color? Lip color is one of the easiest ways to get that!

Pick the most important things TO YOU, and do those things! You'll notice a difference!

Here's my personal favorite Go-To look:

* Stretchy jeans, & a cream or black sweater - simple, classic, and makes me feel great! #keepitsimple

* Straighten my hair - takes 2 minutes tops!

* CC Tinted Moisturizer - this stuff is great for my skin and a cinch to apply. The "CC" stands for "Color Correcting" so it's the perfect way to even out my skin tone! I only need 1 pump, or less!

* Candlelight ShadowSense - in the inner corner of my eyes! The peachy/yellow tones of this shadow cancel out the blue tones of my under eye circles!

* Dark BrowSense - just a quick touch up to my patchy eyebrows! Having a decent eyebrow adds tremendous frame to your face, and creates a more defined look, which I like! You can still keep it very natural. Everyone can see, mine are never perfect!

* Lip Color - I think of lip color like an automatic upgrade! Even the most basic makeup is elevated when you apply a lip color. It's an incredibly powerful tool!

Choose a bold, choose a nude - doesn't matter. I love to use LipSense color because it stays on so long and doesn't transfer to my coffee mug, but one of our LipSense tinted glosses works too!

* Mascara - Do I even need to explain why mascara is on this list? Defined eye lashes are incredibly pretty, and they make you look more awake, and brighten the eyes!

I use the waterproof version of our VolumeIntense Mascara because it has extra staying power, and yet is easy to remove at the end of the day! Not to mention the lash growth benefits - it has lash growth serum in it, you guys!

I want to hear from you! Do you have a Go-To look? What do you ALWAYS include in it?

Or, if you still need to create one, want is one thing you FOR SURE want to include?


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